The new Middle School facility honors our tradition of academic rigor, preserves our historic home-like aesthetic, and provides an ideal environment for innovative approaches to teaching and learning. A physical space can limit options or create possibilities. As Winston Churchill noted, “We shape our buildings, and afterwards our buildings shape us.” The new Middle School will foster opportunities for exploration and experimentation to fulfill the wildest dreams of inventive teachers and eager students.

The new middle school facility was designed with such powerhouse skills as collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity in mind.

Features of the project:

• Flexibly configured classrooms that enable both small-group breakout activities and direct teaching, and both lecture and lab work

• State-of-the-art STEAM lab for hands-on learning in such areas as creative design and robotics

• New art studio exclusively for Middle School student use

• Design plan that seamlessly integrates sustainability and innovation with the preservation of the original Warner house and the existing playground, sports field, and traffic patterns.

The new Middle School will have a transformative impact on teaching and learning at Country Day, while preserving and restoring a historic campus building that is fondly remembered by more than eight decades of GCDS graduates.